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Ergonomic Handling at Datim Supplies

Palamatic are the UK leading supplier of vacuum tube lifters for the woodworking and construction industry, with thousands of systems in use every day.
Ergonomic Handling at Datim Supplies - Palamatic


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Valued customer Datim Supplies based in Chesterfield, have five systems in use 24 hours a day, 5 days a week

Datim is a family-owned Ltd company that has been involved in the construction industry since 1976. In 2012 they started to produce fire door sets for hotel, student accommodation and large apartment building projects. Mike Hughes, Chairman and founder of the company explained how the vacuum lifters are used in their production.

‘Our factory is designed around ergonomics with two Vacuum Door Lifters on H style gantry systems which each cover two CNC machine production lines, and three lifting systems on post mounted swing jibs that cover the finishing production areas. The centre posts are located so that they can cover more than one work bench. All areas also have custom-made trolleys manufactured to suit the door sizes for transportation.’

Ergonomic Handling at Datim Supplies - Palamatic
Ergonomic Handling at Datim Supplies - Palamatic

Previously the handling of the door sets was a two-man manual operation, so the decision was made to purchase vacuum lifters to take the stress and strain out of the operation, and for the protection of the product. Palamatic was the obvious choice as a supplier. ‘Every other joinery manufacturer uses Palamatic. They are the known quality brand in the industry’. The operators think the equipment is ‘excellent’.

Datim now have two more vacuum lifters on order with Palamatic.

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