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Material Handling Applications

Palamatic are leaders in vacuum lifters and material handling systems for all manufacturing industries. Alongside exceptional customer service, each and every materials handling solution makes work simpler, safer and more efficient.

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Offering Solutions For A Spectrum Of Industries and Material Handling Applications

Our 35+ years of industry experience and expertise inform all of our professional material handling solutions. Offering a series of specialised material handling equipment to over 50 countries worldwide, we recognise the importance of purpose-built solutions; which is why we cater to an expansive range of material handling types.

Material Handling Applications - Palamatic

Why Trust Palamatic For Quality Material Handling Equipment?

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Palamatic’s Material Handling Applications

As leading experts in designing, manufacturing, and maintaining industrial-grade material handling solutions, we have applied our meticulous expertise to create tried and tested health and safety solutions that help our clients sustain a superior level of productivity and ensure that the welfare of operators and product integrity is maintained.

Developed with versatility in mind, Palamatic’s series of material handling equipment is designed for both industrial and strict hygienic working environments; from Dust-Free Sack Opening for pharmaceutical-grade facilities to Vacuum Barrel and Keg Lifters for brewery industries, and FDA Approved Food Grade Vacuum Lifters for food production, we here at Palamatic provide industry-wide handling solutions that are durable, secure, and reliable.

Barrels, Casks, and Kegs

Palamatic’s Barrels, Casks, and Keg material handling equipment are the perfect solution for repetitive lifting across various brewery industries and processes; offering reliable and secure lifting assistance of up to 200kg and improving material handling efficiencies.

Wooden Boards, Panels, Doors, and Sheets

As a leading supplier of professional Vacuum Lifting solutions, Palamatic offers material handling solutions for lifting and rotating wood products such as Boards, Panels, Doors, and Sheets weighing up to 350kg for the woodworking industry.

Boxes and Cartons

Playing a central role in the distribution of goods, the correct lifting and handling of boxes and cartons is integral to maintaining product integrity and operator safety; Palamatic’s Box and Carton lifting solutions adhere to strict Manual Handling Regulations and simplify business operations.

Reels and Rolls

Across packaging and printing manufacturing companies, it’s integral that proper handling is carried out to ensure that no damage or dropping of reels and rolls occurs. Palamatic offers material handling solutions that prevent Reels and Rolls from spiralling, and ensure safe and efficient turning and lifting.

Sacks and Bags

An essential method of distributing goods and materials worldwide, it’s crucial that sacks and bags are managed and handled correctly to ensure the product’s integrity is maintained. Palamatic offers solutions that allow for the safe and efficient handling of Sacks and Bags weighing up to 100kg.

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