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Support & Servicing

At Palamatic, our commitment extends beyond material handling solutions; we specialise in tailored service contracts, providing unwavering servicing and support, with a reliable supply of spares to enhance the longevity and performance of your lifting equipment.

Support & Servicing - Palamatic

UK-Based On-Site After Sales Services and Spares

Offering the very best in material handling solutions, Palamatic take immense pride in the end-to-end services we provide; always striving to develop industry-defining lifting and handling equipment that streamlines your business’s productivity, maintains product quality and reduces the risk of industrial injury.

As part of our fully comprehensive offerings, we also provide professional ongoing support, maintenance, after sales services and spares post-manufacture and installation to ensure your lifting equipment remains fully operational, compliant with LOLER lifting regulations, and safe for both products and operators.

Why Trust Palamatic For After Sales Services and Spares?

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Trust Our Experienced Service Team For After Sales Services

The best way to keep your lifting equipment operational is to have it regularly maintained by our experienced servicing team. This helps to avoid unnecessary breakdowns that can impact your business’s productivity and identifies repairs before potential damage can occur.

From the installation and commissioning of equipment on site, competency training of operators, spare parts, breakdown, servicing and maintenance, our service team are all industry-experienced field service engineers who specialise in the maintenance and workings of lifting equipment. All engineers have full competency certificates, including LOLER, IPAF, PASMA, and more; guaranteeing a thorough and compliant service every time.

Palamatic’s Customer Support Services

We pride ourselves on our unrivalled customer support and after sales services.

On-Site Consultation

Our experienced team of service engineers can perform site surveys; providing the best recommendations on the most suitable Palamatic equipment for your process requirements, positioning of equipment, mounting options, power, health and safety and more.

Testing and Demonstrations

To ensure your new materials handling system is a viable investment for your business, we offer demonstrations, trial installations and Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) approval of your projects.


We recognise the importance of correct equipment installation, and our highly experienced installation engineers and system integrator partners have the training and expertise necessary for installing and maintaining Palamatic material handling products and equipment.


Having the correct operational knowledge of our equipment is essential for the health and safety of your employees, maintaining product integrity, and for productivity. Palamatic provides training for your operators and maintenance team and offers both fully comprehensive and refresher training.

Safety Inspections

Palamatic’s team of experienced safety engineers perform post-installation inspections on new projects and annual inspections on all Palamatic equipment; helping to ensure compliance with current legislations.

Full Preventative Maintenance

The regular maintenance of equipment is essential to ensuring the continuous high performance of your facility and production without expensive downtime. Palamatic Service Engineers offer a full preventative maintenance service which can be performed on your site.

Upgrades and Refurbishments

We offer a range of upgrade options to help you get the best from your system, from simple upgrades to complete refurbishment, and can either be carried out on-site or by returning your equipment to the Palamatic factory.

Worldwide Distributors Network

With our worldwide distributors network and servicing, you can rest assured that no matter where you are located, our authorised Palamatic distributors can assist with product testing, evaluating, maintenance, after sales services and spares.

Achieve Peace Of Mind With A Palamatic Service Contract

We understand that you have priorities more important than monitoring when your next equipment service is due. With Palamatic’s tailored service contracts, we proactively manage the maintenance and compliance of your equipment for you, so that you can focus on what’s important.

With a tailored service contract, you will benefit from the following:

  • Fixed service pricing for the duration of the contract
  • 10% discount on all spares and parts
  • Proactive service and compliance management
  • 10% discount on all site visits (service, breakdown, training)
  • 5% discount on all new lifting systems purchased within the contract period
  • Priority given on breakdowns and emergency visits
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Discover Palamatic’s Maintenance Guide

Although it is recommended that your Palamatic material handling equipment is maintained by a professional engineer annually at a minimum, some simple maintenance tips can help to keep your equipment in top condition in between your formal services. To ensure that your Palamatic material handling equipment remains operational, please refer to our handy Maintenance Guide which can be found below.

Contact Palamatic For Professional Support, After Sales Services and Spares

For comprehensive support, maintenance, after sales services and spares, get in touch with our professional servicing support team today.

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  • Do I need to thoroughly examine or service my lifting equipment periodically?

    Yes, this is a legal requirement! Failure to service lifting equipment periodically can run the risk of government (HSE) fines which can reach £250,000.00 as well as potential magistrates summons for failing to apply HSE LOLER notices.

  • Is it just LOLER that applies to me?

    No, there are also elements of PUWER that apply: PUWER Regulation 5 Maintenance states:-

    (1) Every employer shall ensure that work equipment is maintained in an efficient state, in efficient working order and good repair.
    (2) Every employer shall ensure that where any machinery has a maintenance log, the log is kept up to date.

  • How often do I need to service or thoroughly examine my Palamatic lifting equipment?

    A thorough examination must take place every 12 months, 6 months if lifting people, or if it is a lifting accessory i.e. eye bolt, hook, chain, or shackle.

  • What is covered by a ‘thorough examination’?

    Visual examination and functional checks, measurements of wear and in some cases non-destructive testing and load testing.

  • I already have my lifting equipment serviced, does my lifting equipment need a thorough examination?

    Yes! You must thoroughly examine it as per the above-answered statement, this is different to a ‘service’, LOLER Schedule 1 MUST be completed by a competent person or at the minimum ALL 11 items listed in Schedule 1 must be completed, who is not someone who can be influenced into a way of thinking that the machine is OK i.e. Not someone who regularly maintains the lifting equipment or regularly services it.

  • Does new equipment need a thorough examination?

    Yes, before using it for the first time unless an EC declaration has been completed that is less than 1 year old.

  • Who must service or thoroughly examine Palamatic equipment?

    A ‘competent person’ is defined as someone who has appropriate practical & theoretical knowledge as well as experience to detect defects or weaknesses.

  • Does Palamatic equipment fall under HSE’s LOLER?

    Yes, but not all product ranges, LOLER applies to anything that is used for lifting and lowering loads at work, including attachments used for anchoring. Palamatic equipment that falls under LOLER.

Maintenance Checklist Guide

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