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Our Journey

With over 35 years of experience in materials handling equipment and powder handling solutions, Palamatic is at the cutting edge of innovative design and production for lifting and handling.
Our Journey - Palamatic

In The Beginning

Established in 1985, Palamatic’s journey began when a gap in the market was identified for a safer and more efficient method of opening and processing bags and sacks of hazardous products; leading to the development of our very first Automatic Sack Opening Machines and to Palamatic becoming the first distributers of Vacuum Tube Lifters in the UK.

In 1990, Palamatic launched its own brand of Vacuum Tube Lifter – Pal-U-Lift – and took the concept of vacuum tube lifting to the next level. This development increased weight capacities from 60kg max to 350kg, and produced end-effectors to vacuum grip on the side rather than just top lifting; the company quickly met a global need for more bespoke lifting solutions that solved the lifting and handling issues of operators.

Developing Our Reputation

2002 was a pivotal moment for Palamatic – developing Vacuum Tube Lifters for cleanroom environments. Soon after, the Vacuum Tube Lifter had been converted into the PalPharmaVac™, with built-in filtration and a fully hand-demountable design for industrial dishwasher cleaning regimes.

Never before had there been such an easy-to-use solution for operators working with full PPE in DownFlow Booths, Cleanroom lifting and pouring drums, and emptying expensive powders from sacks.

The PalPharma Handling Solutions range now consists of over 12 product ranges (see our Hygienic section), all designed to meet the specific needs within cGMP manufacturing environments. Renamed in 2023 to the “PalVac Hygienic” this product is still a unique solution to this day!

Hygienic Vacuum Lifters - Palamatic
Our Journey - Palamatic

Looking To The Future

Fast-forward to today, and Palamatic is still at the cutting edge of design, driven by our desire to solve, not just the simple, but the more complex lifting and handling applications. Working in challenging manufacturing sectors such as pharmaceuticals, food, packaging, logistics and construction, we have developed a unique line of state-of-the-art material handling solutions to simplify a range of sector’s daily operations.

In January 2022, Palamatic was acquired by Schmalz, the market leader in Global Vacuum Automation Technology, and now operates as a proud member of the Schmalz Group.

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