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Maintenance Guide

Maintenance Guide - Palamatic

Tips To Keep Your Vacuum Lifter Operational

Our comprehensive material handling solutions are designed to keep your lifting operations efficient, and working at their very best. It is important to have your Vacuum Lifter regularly maintained by a Palamatic engineer and we would suggest this takes place annually at a minimum.

However, to ensure that your material handling solutions are operational long-term, it’s important that you actively monitor and inspect your systems in between formal services, and there are simple things you can do to keep your equipment in tip-top condition.

Daily Pre-Use Inspection

At the beginning of each shift or working day that the equipment is in use, you must follow the routine inspection outlined in our Maintenance Schedule Checklist, which includes visual inspections, drop tests, vacuum checks and more; this is to ensure that the upkeep of your Vacuum Lifter is maintained for the benefit of operator safety and machine function.

Monthly Inspection

In addition to the daily pre-use checks when the equipment is in use, it is important to perform the series of monthly inspections determined in our Maintenance Guide. These guidelines include the checking of filters, trolley wheels, suspension lugs, lubrication of jib bushes, and much more.

Annual Inspection

In addition to the checks recommended both daily and monthly, yearly checks should be carried out. These visual inspections include checking the cleanliness of the track system, the security of the end stop, and more. Please note that your annual inspections do not replace the thorough examination as required by LOLER 1998. To ensure your business adheres to these regulations, contact Palamatic for Annual Inspections and Service Contracts.

Simplify Your Vacuum Lifter Maintenance With Our Maintenance Checklist Guide

To ensure your Palamatic lifting equipment remains fully operational 365 days a year, download our General Maintenance Checklist for a useful guide on looking after your system.

Maintenance Guide - PalCare - Palamatic Servicing

Maintenance Checklist Guide

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