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Swing Jib Cranes

Palamatic Swing Jib Cranes

Optimising Efficiencies For 35+ Years

Here at Palamatic, our 35+ years of industry experience and expertise inform all that we do, and as experts in designing, manufacturing, installing, and maintaining state-of-the-art material handling equipment, we understand more than most how important correct handling is to your business, operators, and product integrity.

To accompany your Vacuum Lifter and enhance your lifting and handling capabilities, our Swing Jib Cranes offer unrivalled production area coverage; significantly improving productivity, and maintaining essential health and safety legislation.

Swing Jib Cranes - Palamatic

Benefits and Advantages Of Swing Jib Cranes

Increased throughput
Single operator usage
Operational cost reduction
Effortless transfer of product
Workforce and product protection
Optimised coverage for work areas
Standard model offers 270º coverage
Increased productivity and profitability
Load capacities of up to 350kg (772lbs)
Hard wearing with minimal maintenance
Can be developed to clean specifications
Articulated options in 180º/360º coverage
Designed, manufactured & installed to your requirements
Options for heavy-duty mild steel, stainless steel, and carbon fibre
Can be designed specifically for hygienic and clean room environments
Can be installed from a centre post support pillar, hung from existing steelwork, wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, or as a mobile base option

Why Trust Palamatic For Swing Jib Cranes?

Our commitment to flexibility and custom-built solutions also means that we develop inverted or articulated jib solutions for facilities with low headroom, and also provide configurations that offer 180° and 360° coverage.

Over 35 Years in Business
Established in 1985
Projects Completed
0 +
Operating Worldwide
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Established in 1985

Over 35 Years in Business

Projects Completed
0 +
Operating Worldwide
0 + Countries

Swing Jib Cranes

Easing Lifting Operations

Greatly improving material handling efficiencies and easing lifting strain, our Swing Jib Cranes at Palamatic are ideal for coverage of a production area where only one process is taking place. With 270° coverage, arm lengths of up to 5 metres, and a safe working load of up to 350kg (772lb), our Swing Jib Cranes move from side to side to provide a wide reach and exceptional load capacity.

Our Swing Jib Cranes are most commonly supported from a centre post support pillar, but can also be hung from existing steelwork, wall mounted, ceiling mounted, or even as a mobile base option.

A Proven Health and Safety Solution

When lifting heavier loads with Palamatic’s lifting equipment, the transportation of the load must be ergonomically managed to prevent unnecessary strains or physical stress on the operator.

Designed with durability, minimal maintenance, and operator safety in mind, our Swing Jib Crane systems are the perfect accompaniment to your new Vacuum Lifter; helping to keep your business compliant and your workforce safe.

Swing Jib Cranes - Palamatic

A proven health and safety solution, our material handling solutions and supporting Gantry Crane Systems are trusted by a multitude of sectors and industries in over 50 countries worldwide.

When considering the health and safety of your workforce, optimised positioning of your supporting Swing Jib Crane is crucial and is important for the successful implementation of your new suspended load handling system.

To ensure this, our team of design experts undertake site surveys and inspections to guarantee the perfect Swing Jib Crane configuration for your business’s needs, and our After Sales Service ensures that your new system remains operational post-installation.

Configurable and Purpose-Built Swing Jib Crane Systems

Fully CE marked, our Swing Jib Cranes can be configured to ATEX classifications for sensitive environments, and are available in a variety of materials such as heavy-duty mild steel, hygienic stainless steel, and lightweight carbon fibre; vacuum pump trays can also be positioned to suit your business’s unique health and safety requirements.


Mild Steel Swing Jib Cranes

Our standard mild steel jibs and posts are finished with a durable maintenance-free powder coat and can be specified to support up to 350kg; resulting in a durable and reduced maintenance solution that is well suited to industrial environments.


Stainless Steel Swing Jib Cranes

Designed specifically for hygienic, pharmaceutical and ATEX applications, our stainless steel swing jibs and posts are a hygienic and compliant solution to repetitive lifting and manual handling. Materials of construction are generally SS304 with an overall external finish – ss304 180 grit (0.8Ra).


Carbon Fibre Swing Jib Cranes

Extremely lightweight, the carbon fibre model provides a weight reduction of over 50% when compared to mild steel systems, with a net weight of just 1.7kg per meter. The complete system weighs less than 10kg (22lb) and can handle loads up to 100kg (220lb). With drastically reduced weight, the handling and positioning of loads is simpler, quicker, and more ergonomic.

Contact Palamatic For Swing Jib Crane Systems

For ergonomic material handling solutions, more information on our Swing Jib Crane Systems, and guidance, contact our team of professionals today!

Swing Jib Cranes - Palamatic

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