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Food Grade Vacuum Lifters

Palamatic Food Grade Vacuum Lifters

For Food and Dairy Processing Sectors

With over 35+ years of industry experience and expertise, we here at Palamatic are experts in the design, manufacture, installation, and maintenance of our series of Food Grade Vacuum Lifters – designed for food and dairy processing industries where advanced hygiene and health and safety measures are critical in order to avoid the risk of contamination to products/ingredients.

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Benefits and Advantages of Food Grade Vacuum Lifters

Low maintenance
Wipe down lift tube
Efficient use of labour
Increased productivity
Minimal running costs
Single operator usage
Effortless repetitive lifting
Food-grade suction seals
Mobile solutions available
Operational cost reduction
Stainless steel end effectors
Effortless transfer of product
No particle-shedding seals
Full stainless steel construction
Proven Health and Safety solution
Increased operator safety & performance
In-built safety feature prevents load-dropping
Upper rotary coupling gives 360-degree rotation
Various stainless steel gantry systems are available

Why Trust Palamatic For Food Grade Vacuum Lifters?

Featuring a fully stainless steel design, FDA-compliant suction and none particle shedding seals, and wipe down lift tube cover, Palamatic’s Food Grade Vacuum Lifters are designed specifically for use in food production and dairy processing where risk of contamination needs to be controlled, and high-levels of hygiene need to be maintained.

Over 35 Years in Business
Established in 1985
Projects Completed
0 +
Operating Worldwide
0 + Countries

Established in 1985

Over 35 Years in Business

Projects Completed
0 +
Operating Worldwide
0 + Countries

Food Grade Vacuum Lifting

An Ergonomic and FDA Compliant Solution

A compliant and ergonomic lifting solution, our Food Grade Vacuum Lifters can be supplied with stainless steel end effectors to assist with the lifting of sacks, bags, cartons, boxes and drums. To suit even the most sensitive of food and dairy processing facilities, our Food Grade Lifters are constructed with ATEX-compliant polished stainless steel surfaces with uniform grain direction; helping to prevent adhesions, allowing cleaning agents to drain well, and reducing the risk of contamination.

Ergonomic and Hygienic Food Grade Vacuum Lifters

Durable, long-lasting, and simple to clean, our Food Grade Vacuum Lifters are the perfect solution to maintaining compliance, hygiene, and health and safety regulations within food and dairy processing facilities. Assisting with the heavy lifting of food products, bags, sacks, crates, and more, Palamatic’s series of Hygienic Vacuum Lifters work best when paired with one of our supporting gantry cranes; allowing for freer movement and enhanced lifting capabilities that help to negate the risk of worker accident and injury.

Hygienic Vacuum Lifters - Palamatic

Whether your food processing facility specialises in heat treatment/pasteurization of dairy products or prepares food/meals for sale or distribution to other processing plants or food establishments, your supporting lifting equipment must remain up to code.

Palamatic’s After Sales and Spares service and annual service contracts ensure that your Food Grade Vacuum Lifters are fully operational, safe, and compliant 365 days a year.

Crane Systems For Food Grade Vacuum Lifters

For clean-specification environments where food and dairy processing is taking place, our overhead lifting gantry crane systems may be recommended for effortless repetitive lifting. Discover Palamatic’s Lifting Gantry Crane Systems:

Contact Palamatic For Food Grade Vacuum Lifters

For vacuum lifting solutions that are both ergonomic and FDA compliant, get in touch with our team of experts at Palamatic today.

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