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Box and Carton Lifting

Increase efficiency with Palamatic’s Industrial Vacuum Lifters tailored for the precise lifting of boxes and cartons. These lifters not only meet the logistical demands essential for product protection and storage but also ensure the correct handling that preserves the integrity of their contents.

Box and Carton Lifting - Palamatic

Providing Efficient Lifting Solutions

Worldwide With over 3 decades of material handling design, manufacture, and supply experience, Palamatic is dedicated to providing a thorough and professional service that meets the needs of your business. Supplying our state-of-the-art Industrial Vacuum Lifters for box and carton lifting to over 50 countries globally, and having completed over 10,000 projects worldwide, Palamatic is your trusted partner for ergonomic material handling solutions.

Why Trust Palamatic For Quality Material Handling Equipment?

A proven health and safety solution, Palamatic’s series of Industrial Vacuum Lifters for box and carton lifting make repetitive lifting safe, simple, and efficient, and protect both the product and operator from potential breakages and hazards.

Over 35 Years in Business
Established in 1985
Projects Completed
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Operating Worldwide
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Established in 1985

Over 35 Years in Business

Projects Completed
0 +
Operating Worldwide
0 + Countries

Industrial Vacuum Lifters For Box and Carton Lifting

Playing a central role in the distribution of goods, as well as meeting the logistic requirements necessary to protect and store products, boxes and cartons must be handled correctly to ensure the integrity of their content, and to protect operators from accidents and injury.

Box and Carton Lifting - Palamatic

Designed and manufactured specifically for box and carton handling, Palamatic’s Vacuum Box and Carton Lifters are the perfect solution for speeding up production, eliminating product waste and machine downtime, as well as maintaining essential health and safety protocols.

Box and Carton Lifting - Palamatic

Industrial Vacuum Lifters For Box and Carton Lifting – A Proven Health and Safety Solution

To ensure efficient and simplified lifting, the modular-built Industrial Vacuum Lifters for box and carton lifting feature a vacuum pump, filter system, supply hose, heavy-duty lift tube and in-built safety features, as well as ergonomic control valve, handles, and range of suction feet.

A standard vacuum lifter can help an operator stack cartons up to 2.5m (98”), and optional telescopic control handles allow an operator to lift from stacks of 2.75m with ease.

Taking the strain out of repetitive lifting, our Industrial Vacuum Lifters do all of the strenuous box and carton handling for you.

Capable of lifting boxes and cartons weighing between 11 and 242 lbs, our Vacuum Lifters can handle taped, strapped or open boxes safely and efficiently.

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Features and Benefits of Palamatic Industrial Vacuum Lifters For Box and Carton Lifting

Low Maintenance
360-degree rotation
Efficient use of labour
Minimal running costs
Increased productivity
CE and UKCA marked
Effortless repetitive lifting
Multi-box and carton lifting
Proven health and safety solution
Lightweight UN-LITE option available
Robust and proven in arduous conditions
Lifts weights from 5kg (11lb)-110kg (242lb)
Various suction feet to suit boxes and cartons
Can be developed for clean specifications
Installation, spare parts and after-care services
Range of supporting Gantry Crane Systems available

Crane Systems For Industrial Vacuum Boards, Panels, Doors, and Sheet Lifters

For environments where the repetitive lifting of both wooden and metal boards, panels, doors and sheets are commonplace, an overhead gantry crane system may be recommended. Palamatic designs, manufactures, and supplies overhead cranes for effortless lifting.

Contact Palamatic For Box and Carton Lifting Solutions

If you’re looking to optimise your material handling processes, contact the team at Palamatic today. We work tirelessly to develop a material handling solution that meets the unique needs of your business, and creates a safer and more efficient working environment that benefits everyone.

Box and Carton Lifting - Palamatic

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