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Sack Lifting and Bag Splitting

Transform your sack and bag handling experience with Palamatic’s Industrial Vacuum Lifters, ensuring swift and effortless operations while prioritising health and safety standards.

Sack Lifting and Bag Splitting - Palamatic

Supporting Businesses Worldwide With Material Handling Solutions

Offering leading material handling solutions for over 3 decades, Palamatic’s extensive experience and expertise are at the forefront of all of our practices; designing, manufacturing, and supplying our series of premium quality Industrial Vacuum Lifters for sack lifting and bag splitting to clients across the globe. With over 10,000 projects completed across 50-plus countries worldwide, Palamatic is here to help simplify your business.

Why Trust Palamatic For Quality Material Handling Equipment?

In the realm of manual handling regulations, where stringent guidelines govern repetitive heavy lifting, Palamatic’s Vacuum Lifter emerges as the perfect solution. Request a quote from our expert and knowledgable team today.

Over 35 Years in Business
Established in 1985
Projects Completed
0 +
Operating Worldwide
0 + Countries

Established in 1985

Over 35 Years in Business

Projects Completed
0 +
Operating Worldwide
0 + Countries

Industrial Vacuum Lifters For Sack Lifting and Bag Splitting

Our Industrial Vacuum Lifters are perfectly suited for quick and effective bag and sack handling and are a proven health and safety solution for effortless repetitive lifting. As a packaging system, sacks meet most basic logistic requirements; they portion, protect, transport, and store the product they hold. To ensure that both the product and sack remain undamaged, careful handling is required, and our Vacuum Lifters are ideal for both plastic handling and paper handling.

Sack Lifting and Bag Splitting - Palamatic

Manual handling regulations are strict on the repetitive heavy lifting of loads.

The Palamatic Vacuum Lifter is a perfect solution for protecting the operator from serious back injuries and businesses from damaging insurance claims, as well as eliminating product waste and machine downtime.

Sack Lifting and Bag Splitting - Palamatic

Simplify Lifting With Palamatic’s Sack Lifting Solutions

For ultimate ease of use and simplified lifting, the modular-built lifting systems for bag and sack lifting have a vacuum pump, filter system, supply hose, heavy-duty lift tube and in-built safety features. The ergonomic control valve, handle, sack suction foot, and foam rubber seal are combined to achieve the most cost-effective and safe bag and sack handling solution.

By allowing the vacuum lifter to do all the work, our solutions are suitable for all types of bags, with weights ranging from 20 to 210 lbs.

Our Vacuum Lifters can be used for both lifting and gripping operations, thus facilitating the control of the device and optimising the speed and ease of the process.

Industrial Bag Splitting Solutions

Where sacks need to be opened as part of a manufacturing process, and cross contamination and dust exposure are potential risks, Palamatic’s range of Dust-Free Sack Opening Systems for bag splitting is the answer. Fully compliant with COSHH regulations, our bag splitters are available in both low and medium throughputs, and have the capacity to open up to 15 sacks per minute. With options for ATEX-compliant configurations, our bag-splitting solutions can also be designed with either manual, semi-automatic or fully

Sack Lifting and Bag Splitting - Palamatic

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Features and Benefits of Palamatic Vacuum Lifters and Bag Splitters

Low maintenance
Efficient use of labour
Minimal running costs
Increased productivity
CE and UKCA marked
Effortless repetitive lifting
High-stacking options available
Proven health and safety solution
Lifts paper and plastic sacks or bags
Upper rotary coupling gives 360º rotation
Robust and proven in arduous conditions
Can be developed for clean specifications
Lifts weights from 5kg (11lb)-110kg (242lb)
In-built safety feature prevents load-dropping
Installation, spare parts and after-care services
Range of supporting Gantry Crane Systems available
Internal mesh to prevent sacks from being sucked into the system

Crane Systems For Vacuum Sack Lifting Solutions

For environments where the repetitive lifting of both wooden and metal boards, panels, doors and sheets are commonplace, an overhead gantry crane system may be recommended. Palamatic designs, manufactures, and supplies overhead cranes for effortless lifting.

Contact Palamatic For Industrial Sack Lifting and Bag Splitting Solutions

For simplified sack lifting and bag splitting solutions, contact the team at Palamatic today. Together, we can create a solution that suits the needs of your business, and creates a safer and more efficient work environment with our end-to-end services.

Sack Lifting and Bag Splitting - Palamatic

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