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Palamatic – Now a Member of the Schmalz Group

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Palamatic - Now a Member of the Schmalz Group - Palamatic

Palamatic Ltd. has been acquired by the German company J. Schmalz GmbH as of January 24, 2022. Schmalz has been a family-run company for 111 years and is specialised in vacuum technology.

Palamatic - Now a Member of the Schmalz Group - Palamatic

“We are very pleased to welcome Palamatic as the newest member of the Schmalz Group. We were excited by the type of customer relationships Palamatic has with its business partners. We are convinced that together we will be able to offer Palamatic’s customers even greater added value in the future.”

Dr. Kurt Schmalz, Managing Shareholder of Schmalz.

And Michael Mohr, Head of Sales at Schmalz, adds:

“The discussions with Palamatic were extremely pleasant and constructive right from the start. Both companies work very demand-oriented with a clear focus on the requirements and wishes of the customers. From this point of view, we are sure that we are a good match.”

Palamatic - Now a Member of the Schmalz Group - Palamatic

Melanie Archbould, on behalf Sue and Stewart Bennison, founders of Palamatic said:

‘’We are very proud that Palamatic is now a member of the Schmalz Group. As we pass our business on to another family company, we know it’s in the best hands, and we look forward to Palamatic soaring to new heights. We wish all the best to Palamatic’s new MD Andy Clarke and the executive directors.’’

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