Vari Slit

Another of Palamatic's long standing solutions for automatic bag and sack opening with a principle of design proven over many years of reliable performance throughout many industries. The VarSlit is based on a continuous cyclic sequence of operation with electro-pneumatically powered sack opening functions making it ideal for operations requiring 6-12 sacks per minute.

The VariSlit has a larger foot print than the MiniSlit due to its principle of operation and is most suitable for opening light to medium compacted materials in sacks.

The VariSlit is usually supplied with a powered inclined infeed conveyor.

The VariSlit cutting system conprises twin rotary slitter blades mounted on individual pivot arms which achieve a front and side cut of the sack leaving the rear of the sack uncut. The bottom and the top halves of the sack are transferred via inverter discs in a continuous operation into the waste sack screw compactor where secondary discharge of product can take place as the sack is collected and then compacted and extruded out into a dust-tight polythene tube attached to the compactor outlet.

A dust extraction spigot or an integral dust extraction unit is available to ensure maximum dust-tight operation.

The VariSlit can be supplied to operate in various ATEX zones where material is of an explosive nature can be fitted with a scope of explosion relief panels or explsove suppression equipment.

The VarSlit offers many machines finishes from mild steel powder coated to various levels of stainless steel finishes polished to 240 grit which makes it suitable for high specification applications. 


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